a full guide to guest-posting online with useful tips

Guest Posting Basics

For Website Owners

For a website owner, guest posting means placing a content that someone else created on your website(s). For this purpose, the website owner may implement a specific interface so that the user can post the content on his/her own. An alternative is to write and send the content (post, article, guide etc. with images, graphs, videos and links) to the owner and request to publish it.

For the website owner is can be a very valuable source of unique content written by talented authors on a topic that may be interesting to the audience of the website. As good content is a No.1 factor in attracting and keeping attention of visitors and for good rankings in search engines, this mechanism can be extremely helpful.
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For Authors

Writing and publishing a guest-post can be a brilliant way to let the world know about your ideas, skills and competences as an author. A well-written, unique and valuable piece of content becomes immediately visible on well-established and massively visited websites helping your message find its way to the audience.